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The History of R. J. Heating and Cooling

In 1946, just a year after World War Two, Robert Jeske (R. J.) started R. J. Heating and Cooling in order to serve the heating and cooling needs of his local church. Shortly after founding the company, Mr. Jeske realized that his friends in the church were in need of heating and cooling services as well. With that in mind, Mr. Jeske then expanded his business in the early 1950's in order to meet the needs of the local Cleveland area. Over time he located R. J. Heating Cooling at 3805 Clark Ave in Cleveland and that is where you'll find us today. For the next 41 years, Mr. Jeske owned and operated R. J. Heating and Cooling proving fast, friendly, reliable service to the city of Cleveland and sounding area. In 1987, after 42 years of ownership, Mr. Robert Jeske decided to retire and sold his company to two of his employees.

In 1987, Charles Dolph who originally started working at R. J. in 1977, purchased the installation side of R. J. and established the R. J. Heating Company. At the same time, Charles Cramer who was also an R. J. employee at the time bought the service side of R. J. and established the R. J. Heating and Cooling company. The two companies operated as independent entities even though they shared the same building location. R. J. Heating and R. J. Heating and Cooling grew and thrived during the rest of the 90's and into the early 2000's.

In 2002, an opportunity to expand the company presented itself. The owners of Dart Heating and Cooling covering the Medina County area and Heating Sales and Service covering the Parma and Seven Hills area are were ready to retire from the HVAC business. After negotiations were completed, these two companies were bought out and merged into the R. J. Heating and Cooling company family. With these mergers, R. J. now had a service area covering from the Mentor / Painesville area in the North to the Akron / Medina County area in the south, to Warren in the east and Lorain in the west. In 2005, after the untimely passing of Charles Cramer, Charles Dolph became the sole owner of both R. J Heating and R. J. Heating and Cooling. The merger allowed the company to further extend its heating and cooling maintenance and repair services to areas just outside Cleveland, OH.

Over the years, R. J. has been known by many different names to many different customers; R. J. Heating, R. J. Heating and Cooling, Dart Heating and Cooling, Heating Sales and Service and R. J. Mechanical. Even with the diversity of names, the one constant over the past 67 years are the Yellow and White "bumble bees" driven by dedicated technicians servicing all of North East Ohio with friendly service and continuing to exceeding our customer's expectations. To this day, we provide high quality and reliable heating and cooling services to much of Cleveland, Ohio, and those communities nearby.